Forum architecten & planners visit Pathé Ypenburg

After the festive opening of Pathé Ypenburg earlier this year, Forum architects and planners were invited by Pathé to take a look at the completed cinema. Because as the architect of the building we are proud that it has now been completed, we would like to share a number of photos taken during the tour.

Forum received a tour by Bart from Pathé and was therefore given a lot of information about the entire process before, during and after the construction of the complex and was able to see a lot before and behind the scenes.

The cinema that houses 10 halls, a game hall, various horeca rooms and a large parking garage is designed to be a public space for the environment to relax and enjoy. As the architect we are proud to contribute to this.

Pathé Ypenburg opened its doors on april 13th 2023 and is fully equipped with relax seats. These leather seats are very luxurious and have a lot of space around them. This way the visitor can enjoy movies in the best possible way.

Best picture and sound
The new cinema meets the wishes of all cinema fans. Comfort is optimal with the Pathé Relax Seats. The halls, sound and film screens are equipped with the latest technology in the field of image and sound, such as 4K RGB laser projection. The cinema will show a wide range of films and special performances, and has space for events and specials such as the Kindergarten Cinema, 50PLUS Bios, Ladies Nights and live opera, ballet and theater performances. There are also facilities for conferences and presentations. The building also has room for other entertainment opportunities, to enjoy before or after a visit to the cinema. Arcade hall Sir Winston Fun & Games will also open on Thursday, April 13.

Sustainability has also been considered. Pathé Ypenburg is equipped with heat pumps to generate cold and heat and is therefore gas-free. In addition, the cinema has 720 solar panels and is therefore largely self-sufficient.

Are you interested in visiting Pathé Ypenburg? This is the official website: