Corvellaar Tilburg soon on sale!

Corvellaar Tilburg - Living and working at home in peace. An intimate living experience with luxury apartments and business spaces.

Living and working at home in peace

Corvellaar: an intimate living experience with luxury apartments and business spaces. The modern design offers high-quality materials and sustainable facilities such as heat pumps and solar panels. Enjoy a well-insulated home with low energy costs. An elegant gate and a lush courtyard create a serene atmosphere.

Forum architects is proud to announce that the housing project of Corvellaar in Tilburg will be on sale soon! Starting Saturday june 1st the houses, apartments and office spaces of Corvellaar will be available. This week the billboard to advertise for the sale has been placed on the site.

Corvellaar is a project that contains three sorts of units:

  • 13 city houses of each approximately 114 m2
  • 10 apartments of 68 – 130 m2
  • 13 commercial spaces

All the units have a very good energy label, A+++, are heated with heatpumps and have solar panels for energy. This way the units are all very environment friendly.
There are many parking spaces foreseen on the terrain, which can only be accessed by residents, visitors and customers.
Furthermore the environment will be very natural, with a lot of green area’s. Green roofs, grass, ponds, trees and hedges create many interesting places for animals, and also makes the terrain attractive to see.

There will be a sales day on the location, which is Saturday june 1st, from 11:00 – 14:00 hr where more information can be requested.

Corvellaar is improving the housing situation in Tilburg

By creating these new houses and appartments LBB Vastgoed helps the very difficult housing situation in the Netherlands these days. There is a huge shortage of affordable houses, which has it’s effect on housing prices. By creating new houses and appartments on a great location in the center of Tilburg, LBB Vastgoed helps those looking for a new house. The location of Corvellaar has previously been used for company activities. Corvellaar will be an attractive addition to the Laarstraat and help to make one of the main streets to the center more beautiful.

Corvellaar has been designed by Forum architects for LBB Vastgoed.

More information of Corvellaar can soon be found on the project website.

To further show the project, 3D renders of the houses, appartments, office spaces and terrain have been created. Please click on the images below to view them in a larger format.